"Let us not be ashamed to speak what we shame not to think."
-Michel de Montaigne

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Music that Amps Me Up

Sidonie Gabrielle said "Music is love in search of a word," and I could not agree more. Often times when I write, I have various different playlists that I use to inspire me. For me, the music is drawing the words out, pulling my mind into the realm of emotion and experience and expression. Music opens the third eye. It is the muse for an otherwise quiet brain--lyrical lube if you will. Here are some songs I return to perennially:

1. "Saeglopur," Sigur Ros
2. "Moonlight Sonata," Beethoven
3. "Bachelorette," Bjork
4. "La Valse d'Amelie," Yann Tiersen
5. "The Killing Moon," Echo and the Bunnymen
6. "Strange Fruit," Billie Holiday
7. "Death is the Road to Awe," Clint Mansell
8. "Gnossienne no. 1," Erik Satie
9. "How Soon is Now," The Smiths
10. "Yes," Coldplay

What's on your creativity "hit list?" Scroll down to the very bottom if you'd like to sample mine.


  1. If only I were cool enough to know these songs.

  2. Anything by Yiruma! So soothing and peaceful.

  3. I'm with Emily...you are much cooler than I am! Thanks for putting these songs on your playlist so I can hear them :)

  4. Brandy Moss commented:

    "Music and romance are the two highest elevated conduits of expression.

    1. Within Your Reach - The Replacements
    2. Great Expectations - The Gaslight Anthem (if you have never heard of this song, Look it up! You must listen to it.)
    3. I'm On Fire - Bruce Springsteen
    4. This Is Everything - Tegan and Sara
    5. Suzanne - Leonard Cohen
    6. Ruby Soho - Rancid
    7. Train In Vain - The Clash
    8. Where Is My Mind? - The Pixies
    9. Subterranean Homesick Blues - Bob Dylan
    10. With or Without You - U2"

  5. Hooray for someone with musical taste! I will excuse your omission of anything jiggy or crunk, but just this once. ;)
    I like it, Keep up the good work!

  6. Joey Howell comments...

    No Two Live Crew? It's funny you posted this. I made a playlist of stuff I listened to in HS. I think I'll make you and Jay a copy (=

  7. Lol @ Joey & Aaron--they are songs that INSPIRE me to write, not songs that make me wanna shake my booty, in which case I could've put something "crunk" on the list! ;)